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Approved Manufacturers

Only those manufacturers names and product numbers listed herein, are approved for use on this project. All other manufacturers must request approval as per section (1.04 - A - Substitutions). Absolutely no variations from listed and preapproved items will be permitted.



: Doors, panels and pilasters shall be polypropylene solid polymer resin. Polypropylene’s self-lubricating surface is resistant to marking and can be maintained effectively with ordinary household cleaners. Material is ideal for toilet partition installations, especially in high abuse environments.

Doors: Shall be (25mm) 1” thick by (1397mm) 55” high straight cut with fine radius edges.

Panels: Shall be (25mm) 1” thick by (1397mm) 55” high straight cut with fine radius edges.

Pilasters: Shall be (25mm) 1” thick by (2083mm) 82” high straight cut with fine radius edges.

Shall be 32mm (1.25”) by 44mm (1.75”) extruded anodized aluminum with anti-grip design. Wall thickness to be 1.5mm (0.060”) and shall be securely attached to wall and pilasters with manufacturer’s fittings in such a way as to make a rigid installation. All joints in headrails shall be made at a pilaster.

Hardware and Fittings:

Doors are installed with 1/8” thick heavy extruded clear anodized aluminum hinges, which wrap around both the door and pilaster. Hinges are fastened to door and pilaster with tamper-proof Torx or 6-lobe security head stainless steel thru-bolts and fastened to the edge of the door and pilaster with a #10 x 1” screw. Top hinges have adjustable nylon cams. Strike-keeper and throw latch are extruded clear anodized aluminum. Hadrian’s unique designer coat hook & bumper features a solid cast zinc hook and oversized black rubber bumper that functions as both a door stop and bag hook. Fasteners are theft-proof Torx or 6-lobe security head stainless steel screws. Pilasters shall be securely and rigidly fastened to the floor on vertically adjustable floor brackets. The floor fastening shall be concealed and protected by a 4” (102mm) high solid plastic pilaster shoe.


Doors, panels, and pilasters shall be constructed of solid polypropylene polymer resin with matte finish and uniform color throughout. Color shall be as selected from Hadrian’s Color Selector.

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