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  Locker Specifications
Hadrian Steel Lockers - features
Emperor - Gladiator - Replacement front
  The Hadrian Locker has a true hollow metal door. The 1" (25mm) cell honeycomb cored door offers flex proof strength, unparalleled silence when closing and impressive impact resistance. Smooth and hazard-free inside and outside, the double pan box design has the ultimate contemporary appearance.
  The single point friction latch is simple in construction, for reduced maintenance, for sure and secure latching and easy locking. When the lock shackle is inserted into the latch hasp, locking is immediate and secure. It's unique, and workable only with Hadrian's incomparably strong and flex-proof locker door.
  Hadrian's locker door latches positively when the door is closed. The positive latch hasp is located within a recessed, extruded aluminum lock pocket...for a clean, uncluttered look. The door closes silently, except for the soft "click" of the positive latch.
  A continuous hinge, combined with our double pan box door, adds additional strength and rigidity to a Hadrian locker. This means years of trouble-free door action, of maintenance-free reliability. Security is maximized by an enhanced resistance to abuse and vandalism.
  Louvers are cut into the face of 16 gauge steel vertical frame members. This creates two ventilation channels that defy blockage. The look is great...the vents are unobtrusive but effective. And perforations in the shelf and top make air circulation even more efficient.




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