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  Locker Specifications


All locker parts shall be made of mild cold rolled sheet steel free from surface imperfections and contaminants which would be detrimental to the acceptance of a high grade hybrid epoxy polyester powder finish. At a slight extra cost, locker parts may be made from wiped galvanized steel. Assembly fasteners shall be zinc plated flat head screws with hex nuts. Rivets (Advel #1661-0613) 3/16" aluminum dome head/8.25 dome with steel shaft are also available upon request.


Doors of one-tier, two-tier, three-tier, and four-tier Gladiator lockers shall consist of a perforated double-pan design consisting of a 16 gauge outer panel welded to an 18 gauge inner panel to form a rigid box construction which is resistant to prying. The outer panel shall be double flanged on all four edges and the inner panel single flanged on all four edges, providing extraordinary rigidity when both panels are welded together. Within a solid center section of the one, two, and three-tier doors (approximately 4" above and 4" below recessed handle) a structural and sound deadening 1" cell honeycomb core is bonded to the inner surfaces and such area is separated from the perforated door section with 20 gauge full width channels. The door is ventilated at upper and lower sections with staggered 1/2" wide by 1" high oval perforations. Visual access and ventilation is maximized due to straight-through alignment of inner pan and outer pan perforations. Options available are plain (no ventilation) or offset perforations (not straight-through inner and outer pan holes) if concealing locker contents is preferred. The door shall be flush with the frame and include a recessed handle and recessed number plate. Six-tier Gladiator doors shall consist of 20 gauge outer and 20 gauge inner panels with standard recessed handle and number plate, without honeycomb core and ventilated with staggered 1/2" wide by 1" high oval perforations. All Gladiator doors are hinged on the right to swing from left to right.


Both vertical members shall be not less than 16 gauge and formed into a rigid channel " wide exposed frame and 2 7/16" side depth. Hadrian's exclusive frame size offers wide door opening and ease of installing extra deep frame onto body, especially when rivets are used for assembly. The frame shall be completed by 3" high top and bottom cross members of not less than 18 gauge formed as an open box channel and welded to the verticals. The bottom frames' full-width lintel extends back and down to form a rigid box to support the bottom shelf. Both vertical frame members shall be formed to offer a full length 7/16" wide continuous door strike. The latch vertical member shall include a welded 11 gauge padlock hasp together with a 7/16" o.d. air-cushioned rubber bumper. No fasteners shall be exposed on fronts of locker doors and frames.


Sides shall be not less than 16 gauge, ventilated with staggered 1/2" wide x 1" high oval perforations. Sides at exposed end conditions may be perforated or solid. Locker backs shall be solid, not less than 18 gauge with right angle flanges on each vertical side for strength, ease of assembly and rigidity (triple thickness of metal at back corner connections). Shelves, tops, and bottoms shall be not less than 16 gauge, formed into a sturdy pan, interchangeable, flanged on all sides, with a lip formed front edge for additional strength and safety.


Trouble-free use is achieved with no sliding rods, springs, turnhandles or moving latches. An 11 gauge 2" x 3/4" padlock hasp shall be

securely welded to the continuous strike midway up on the frame and centered at the handle location. The hasp shall be formed to protrude through an extruded aluminum recessed handle which is cliplocked and bonded to the door. The handle's inner surface shall be concave and grooved for finger-tip door control. To keep the door closed when not in use, a 1/2" o.d. nylon friction catch shall be installed on the door to engage the frame in four (4) locations. Padlock is standard. For built-in locks (combination, key or coin/card operated) the hasp shall be replaced with a special 11 gauge security strike welded to the frame's continuous door strike. The lock bolt shall secure itself behind the strike. Access to the secured bolt shall be denied by the full length stop on the door frame and by the top lip of the strike projecting forward and fitting into a slot in the door, preventing the door and frame from being pried apart. Positive Latch Option - spring loaded single-point positive latch is available as an option, especially when lockers are subjected to an "over stuffing" or "non-lock" end user environment.


A full length heavy-duty 16 gauge continuous steel piano hinge shall be securely welded to the frame and fastened to the door with screws or rivets. Hinge shall maximize security and enhance resistance to abuse and vandalism.


Each door shall have a high strength black laminated plastic number plate 21/2" wide x 1 " high with white numbers not less than 7/16" high. Plates shall accommodate up to four digits, be nestled in a recess flush with door surface and shall be fastened to the door with two rivets. Unless otherwise specified, lockers will be numbered consecutively from 1 - up.


Standard equipment in the single tier locker shall be one hat shelf and three single prong coat hooks. Double and triple-tier lockers shall have three single prong coat hooks per compartment. All 18" wide lockers shall have an additional single prong coat hook at back (four total per compartment). Double-prong hooks and coat rods with chrome zamac brackets also available as an option. Additionally, two side hooks will be provided when coat rods are requested. All hooks are zinc plated steel with ball point heads and are attached with two fasteners.


Available in 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', and 12' lengths. Seat shall be solid hardwood, urethane coated (11/4" x 91/2" x length) with all corners rounded and sanded. Optional "laminated" hardwood benches available. Pedestals shall be 1/4" x 3" aluminum bar, 121/2" at widest point. Benches shall be supplied with floor anchors, or rubber levelling glides, to be stationary or moveable (non stationary). Benches up to 8' long shall have two pedestals each, 8' and up shall have three pedestals each. Overall height of bench assembly is 161/2".


All steel parts and aluminum pedestals shall be thoroughly machine cleaned, phosphatised and finished with a high performance epoxy powder coating, baked on to provide a uniform, smooth, protective finish. Colors shall be selected from Hadrian's standard decorator colors, including textured colors. Textured finish will increase scratch and graffiti resistance. Hadrian Gladiator lockers are provided with body parts finished in the same color as selected for doors and frames. If two-toning is preferred, doors may be painted in a different Hadrian color.







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