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Elite Stainless Steel Headrail Braced Toilet Partitions
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Approved Manufacturers

Only those manufacturers names and product numbers listed herein, are approved for use on this project. All other manufacturers must request approval as per section (1.04 - A - Substitutions). Absolutely no variations from listed and preapproved items will be permitted.



Doors, Panels and Pilasters shall be constructed of two sheets of panel flatness Type 304, #4 brushed finish stainless steel, laminated under pressure to a "Verticel" (1/2") honeycomb core for impact resistance, rigidity and sound deadening. Formed edges to be welded together and interlocked, under tension, with a roll-formed oval crown locking bar, mitred, welded and ground smooth at the corners. Honeycomb to be of virgin, long fiber paper with a maximum 12.5mm (1/2") cell size and a minimum compressive strength of 90 pounds per square inch.


Shall be 25mm (1") thick with cover sheets not less than 22ga. (0.8mm). All doors are 1613mm (63.5") in length.


Shall be 25mm (1") thick with cover sheets not less than 22ga. (0.8mm). (Note: 20 ga. (0.9mm) available upon request.) All panels are 1613mm (63.5") in length. (Maximum partition depth 1550 mm (61").


Shall be 32mm (1.25") thick with cover sheets not less than 20 ga. (0.9mm). Pilaster tops shall be reinforced with 20 ga. channel to create extra strength and twist-free rigidity along with minimizing damage by handling and/or shipping.


Shall be 25mm (1") by 41mm (1.625") extruded anodized # 4 brushed finish aluminum with double-ridge anti-grip design. Wall thickness to be 1.5mm (0.060") and shall be securely attached to wall and pilasters with manufacturer's fittings in such a way as to make a strong and rigid installation. All joints in headrails shall be made at pilaster.

Hardware and Fittings:

All panel and pilaster brackets and all door hardware shall be chrome plated zinc die castings. Doors shall be equipped with a gravity type hinge mounted on the lower pilaster hinge bracket. Door hinges shall be wrap-around style and adjustable to permit the door to rest at any position when not latched. Each door to be fitted with a combined coat hook and bumper and a concealed latch, with face mortised flush with edge strip of door.

Barrier-free doors shall include thumbturn lever to activate latch without fingertip grip application. Both standard and barrier-free latches shall have a turn slot designed to allow emergency access from exterior. The combined full length extruded aluminum door stop and keeper shall have a 1/4" wide continuous rubber bumper locked in place the length of the stop. To cover the sightline gap at door hinge side, full length extruded aluminum filler channel shall be provided.

The "no sightline" continuous stop and hinge filler shall be # 4 brushed stainless steel to match door and pilaster finish. Door top hinge pin shall be made from high strength, self lubricating nylon with a split-tip design to prevent rising out of top door casting. Pilaster shoes shall be a welded one-piece design made from polished stainless steel. Two-piece shoes that can disassemble when kicked are unacceptable. Stainless Steel Hardware Option:

  • All pilaster, panel and screen brackets are stamped Stainless Steel, #4 brushed finish.
  • All door wrap around hinge brackets are cast Stainless Steel, #4 brushed finish.
  • All #12-5/8" & 12 - 11/2" fasteners are Stainless Steel, #4 brushed finish with phillips heads.
  • All pilaster shoes are Stainless Steel (type 304), #4 brushed finish.
  • All inner, barrier free inner, outer, door pulls, stop and keepers, coat hooks and door castings are standard zinc die castings, #4 brushed finish.
  • All other components not outlined here are standard Hadrian hardware items.


#4 stainless steel finish.

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