Powder coated steel, stainless steel or solid plastic toilet partitions - direct from Relcross Tel: 01380 729 600
Elite Powder Coated
Elite Stainless Steel
Elite Plus Powder Coated
Elite Plus Stainless Steel
Solid Plastic
Emperor - Corridor
Gladiator - Athletic
Replacement Front
  Locker Specifications
Elite Stainless Steel - features
The locking bar design for superior strength, and prevention against loosening and detaching parts. Plus, Hadrian's attention to detail... the corners are finished to perfection, to be sure they not only work right, but look right!
  Laminated under pressure to a sheet-steel envelope, the honeycomb core provides flex-proof strength, sound absorption and impressive impact resistance.
Reinforced pilaster tops create extra strength and twist-free rigidity to minimize the possibility of damage by handling and shipping.
Both standard and barrier-free designs allow access from exterior in case of emergency. The design is minimal, for vandal resistance, appearance and easy cleaning.
A fully adjustable bottom hinge closes door smoothly, everytime, to a designated position when unlatched.




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