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Metal Toilet Partition Features & Options Guide
Toilet Partition Options  |  Benefits of Metal
Heavy-Duty Continuous Hinge
  • Self-closing, non-handed, gravity hinge.
  • Heavy-duty (16 gauge) material.
  • Available in powder coated or brushed stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel hinge pin.
  • Offers a “No-Sightline” feature on hinge side of door.
  • This economically priced hinge is ideal for high-abuse areas where extra strength and durability are a concern.
Masonite Reinforcement
  • Available for doors, panels, and pilasters.
  • 1/8” (6mm) peg-board Masonite is bonded to the inner surface of material walls to encase the dense 1” (25mm) honeycomb center.
  • Masonite reinforces the product’s surface sheets while absorbing shocks better than plywood alternatives.
  • Ideal for damage-prone locations, Masonite reinforcement increases the dent resistant toughness of doors, panels and pilasters beyond their already tough design.
  • Significantly less expensive than Phenolic and Plastic options.
Hardware Options
Stainless Steel Hardware
A hardware package with brushed stainless steel wall brackets, hinges and fasteners is available. Standard brackets and hinges are zinc-cast, plated and brush finished to match Hadrian stainless steel doors, pilasters and panels.



Stainless Steel Finishes
Stainless steel and Embossed stainless steel material add style, sophistication and durability to any installation.
Stainless Steel
Type 304, #4 brushed
Hadrian's stainless steel design offers long lasting beauty, gleaming modern appearance, and easy to clean maintenance.
  Embossed stainless steel
Embossed stainless steel enhances the atmosphere of any location. The unique pattern adds rigidity while resisting abrasions, smudges and fingerprints. Light and heat are diffused while acoustical qualities are enhanced.
Powder Coated Finishes
Hadrian's state-of-the-art powder coating system creates a hard, even finish that stands up well to abuse. The versatility of powder coating allows Hadrian to offer 26 brilliant designer colors as well as a myriad of “special effects” and custom finishes. Contact Hadrian for details.
Benefits of Steel

Fast Delivery
Hadrian leads the industry with short lead times for new and replacement material.

Lower Unit Price
One half to one third the cost of some plastic-type compartments for new and renovation projects.

Easier, Less Costly Installation
Up to 90% less. Lighter material and pre-drilled pilasters mean only one installer is required.

Large Selection of Designer Powder Coated Colors
Hadrians organic polymer powder coated finish is exceptionally maintenance-free and is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, detergents and acids.

Secure, Concealed Hardware
Hadrian’s hinges and latches are set within the thickness of the door, for sanitary, easy maintenance and modern styling. Hadrian’s metal partitions hold fasteners better than other substrates.

Durable Material
Doors, Panels and Pilasters will not warp, chip, delaminate or flake.

Completely Fireproof
Will not support smoke or flame spread.

Workable Material
Minor Damage and Defacement can be successfully repaired.
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